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RM-5 ribbons go live!!

The video of Angela Serkevich and Twins Peek with RM-5 ribbons used as stage microphones for guitar cab and drum overheads. Some compression on guitar, no processing on drum OH, no extra mics on snare and toms. It was my first experiment in using ribbons for live reinforcement and they did their job perfectly well!

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Oktava MD-80M Vintage Russian Dynamic Microphones for sale, 44.00 EUR/set!!2012.07.11

Oktava MD-80M Vintage Russian Dynamic Microphone

Vintage gear geeks, this is the stuff You will like! I have had a good deal on a stock of vintage Russian dynamic microphones Oktava MD-80M recently. I am keeping few sets for myself, but the rest is up for sale. I don't have a continous supply, so keep in mind that quantity is very limited... [read more]

Lomo 19A19 tube microphones available for sale!!2011.10.20

Lomo 19A19 vintage tube microphone

A couple of months ago I have got some very interesting pieces of gear - hard to get, but very well known by enthusiasts, vintage Russian state-of-the-art large diaphragm condenser tube microphones Lomo 19A19. Their production was stopped around 1990, so all the remaining working units have quickly gained the status of collectibles... [read more]

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DIYAC RM-5 hand-crafted ribbon microphone

user opinion

"I was playing a duo gig with a vocalist recently. Small festival, medium stage. I took the RM-5 microphone with me. It was a great success! Warm and big sound, nice contours in the mid and high register. I never thought about using this microphone live, but in a chamber music context it works beautifully. I'd recommend the RM-5 for any acoustic or chamber style live recording situation!"

Christian Weber, Double Bass Player

Zurich, Switzerland

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